Services and Fees
 - Initial Consultation and Assessment $100 + GST 

Our first consultation is designed to talk to you about your case and discuss your immigration concerns. During the first consultation we take our time to assess your circumstances and you can ask questions. We can provide you with the best advice and options and tell you which visas you are eligible to apply for.

- Residency Consultation (Points Consultation and Eligibility Assessment ) $300 + GST

The complexity of residency under the skilled migrant category requires a careful and an in-depth assessment of your eligibility to express your interest to Immigration NZ. We assess how you meet each of the points criteria under the immigration instructions and make sure that you understand the type of documents required to support the points being claimed. This consultation comes with a written assessment of the outcome of the consultation and a list of individual documents required if you decide to submit an Expression of Interest Application. 

- Essential Skills Work Visa $1,000 + GST

We first conduct an initial phone consultation with you in order to determine if you are eligible to apply for a 3-year work visa and we discuss the forms and documentation required for this application. We assess the evidence you provide to us in support of your application. We also help your employer with the documents and forms required from the employer’s side of the process. We prepare your application and write a detailed cover letter explaining how you specifically meet the criteria for your work visa as per NZ Immigration law. We complete your application form, attach all the evidence, and we send your application to Immigration NZ for you. If Immigration then need to discuss any routine aspects of your application, we speak to your Immigration case officer for you.  We represent you from the beginning to the end of the application process.

- Essential Skills Work Visa - 6-month visa ($800 plus GST):

This is service is designed to provide assistance with a work visa application at a lower cost than a 3-year work visa. The work and application process is the same as a 3-year visa application; however, we have are providing a discount for applicants who only eligible for a 6-month visa. 

- Consultation and Assessment of Work Visa Applications - $500 + GST

This service is designed for clients who do not require representation and are willing to do the application themselves. We assess your eligibility for a work visa, explain the documentation required for the visa and assess your supporting documents before you submit it to immigration. We provide you with the support required to make sure you are applying for the right visa, that you use the right ANSCO code, that you have all the necessary documents to support your experience and the necessary efforts made by the employers to hire New Zealanders.

- Partnership Based Temporary Visas $1,250 + GST

We also help with visas for partners of a work visa holder, student visa holder, resident and citizen. We first conduct an initial phone consultation to make sure you meet all the requirements for a visa based on your partnership. We help you with the long list of documents required to apply for a visa under the partnership category. We will assess all of your documents and evidence and we send all of this to Immigration for you. We complete your application and write a detailed legal letter to Immigration NZ explaining your relationship and your circumstances. We also explain to Immigration how you meet each of the immigration criteria to be eligible for a partner visa as prescribed by Immigration NZ laws.  

- Student Visa $700 + GST 

We assist students in and outside of NZ with their student visa process. We assess your eligibility to apply for this visa and walk you through the documents required in support of a student visa application. We can also put you in touch with education agents that can help you choose your program based on your needs and budget.

- Visitor Visa $700 + GST

This visa is for people intending to come to NZ on holiday or to visit friends and family. We assess your eligibility for this visa and help you prepare all the right documents required under immigration instructions. We present your case to Immigration NZ and represent you from beginning to end.

- Residency Under Family Category $1,500 + GST

We help applicants with residency applications based on their relationship to a NZ resident or citizen. You could potentially apply for residency under this category if you are in a partner, child or a parent of a resident or a NZ citizen. We assess your eligibility; we make sure you have all the necessary documents and we present your application to Immigration NZ. Your application is presented to Immigration NZ with a letter explaining how you meet each requirement according to immigration instructions.

- Residency Under Skilled Migrant Category $3,500 + GST

The residency process is a lengthy process and it is divided into a few stages; points calculation, expression of interest, invitation to apply and presentation of the evidence and application itself to Immigration NZ. We can help you through the entire process or for part of it. Our total fees are payable in a few payments made through the different stages of the process. 

- Employer Accreditation $3,500 + GST

We assist employers with the accreditation processes in order to become accredited to sponsor employees under Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visas. We help you understand the process, requirements and documentation, by preparing the application and presenting it to Immigration NZ on your behalf.

- NZQA Assessment $250

We provide support getting your international qualification assessed by the NZQA. Qualification Assessments are often needed to prove your qualification matches the NZ equivalent training for a work visa, residency visa or to continue your studies in NZ. The NZQA assesses your overseas training and provides you with a statement explaining how they believe your qualification equates to the NZ standard.     

- Responding to Letters from INZ regarding visa applications in progress: 

We can also help you prepare legal letters in response to issues with your residency or temporary visa application. Immigration NZ often sends applicants a letter if they have raised issues or ‘potential prejudicial information’ with your application. We can assist you with understanding the nature of the issues, preparing the evidence required to solve or mitigate the issue and we can write a legal response letter to immigration on your behalf.   

- Medical Waivers 

According to NZ immigration laws, applicants with certain medical conditions may not be entitled to a temporary visa or residency. A medical waiver is a letter presented to immigration NZ explaining your health conditions, personal circumstances, medical history and a request to be granted a visa or residency to stay in NZ. We can help you understand how to prepare own letter, or we can write the letter for you.

- Character Waivers

A character waiver would be required for people with character issues, i.e. Applicants with previous criminal convictions, drinking and driving convictions, or breaches of previous visa conditions. We assist you by assessing your case and circumstances and provide you with the best way to present your request for a character waiver to immigration NZ. We can also write a legal letter presenting your case to Immigration NZ for you.

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